See, here's the thing

Its a funny thing when tiredness kicks in. you become stupid, loss of balance, mumble words, combining words, yawn alot, goto the bathroom alot(probably cuase i drank alot of water last night), and you suck at playing smash brothers... well, maybe i just sucks at playing smash brothers... i didn't get a chance to write back last night, probably becuase it slipped my mind as did alot of things. but it was a good time. i sat next to rachel, me and her talked a bit. never really spoke with her much. she seems pretty cool. hawaiin people ussually are. the food was wonderful! pizza, mozerela sticks, bbq chicken wings, and chicken and some meat thing sub. mmmmmmmm. and blue cheese! lots of soda, water and milk for the coffee. people seemed to have gotten a surprisingly large amount of work done, as did i. my elevator scene is 90 percent complete in which case i'll post it up sometime down the line. no one went to sleep although people were extremely tempted. however mat flick dozed off for a few minutes and people wanted to see him get written on, but no one had the balls... awww well. it was the thought that counts isn't it? it feels like last night never happened actually. now that im sitting here trying to figure out why im not sleepy... it is 3am, mind you... ill probably go after this post... something worth mentioning. as me darvin, marvin and henry exited school this morning at 7, it was extremely humid and muggy outside... it was horrible... left over showers and storms from the vicious hurricane that hit haiti, ganaives and the rest of the carribean isslands... i can't help but think how much i was complaining this morning in my mind about the crappy weather... but i feel bad right now becuause its starting to sink in how worst they have it there, houndreds of people dead, hundreds of people without homes and food becuase of that storm... and im mad becaue my jeans stuck to my legs from the humidity from the storm...


crimson mercy said…
Hey Dmak. I got your comment about the bug. hahaa. Glad you like it. Theres other bugs here that are that big and bigger! Talk more later.
In Him,

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