Insomniac Club

So tonight, the 3d origins club and a few select students from other majors, got permissio from the school to be locked in over night to "do work". but in essence, im betting little work will be done. I'm currently loading an extremely great bootleg of the dark knight onto a computer, its taking forever, hopefully by the time we get locked in at 11, it'll be fully loaded and ready to watch. its ok guys, all the guys in the club already watched the movie twice or more. im hopeing to get some work done tonight, but we'll see. i'm more looking just to hang out with good people na djust doing the college thing. I'll prolly write something later on tonight in the middle of the mayhem, but thats yet to be seen. hopefully everything goes smoothly and no one falls asleep becuase if someone does... well, lets just saying sharpie + forhead + penis... till then. pzzzzzzzzz


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