Sunday, October 31, 2010

cat update

put in flat colors and outline. still gots alittle ways to go. whoopdiwhoop!

Monday, October 25, 2010

redesigning old characters of mine

Had some free time on my hand tonight and i figure it be cool to go back and redesign some of my old characters. I had this project in my storyboarding class back in college, where i came up with a story about a band of space traveling pirates. It was actually really elaborate in its story and there is just so many tales that can be told with the material and characters i came up with, but i haven't really done much with it.

But i did however draw the characters out. Now that i'm a little bit wiser and skilled, i figure maybe i go back and redesign those characters just for fun, or maybe eventually do something with them in the future. Anyways, one of the characters is Cat.

Although the new design i'm working on doesn't really show her spunk as i originally written her, i think overall, i really love the new character design. Its still work in progress. Hopefully i'll continue working on her till shes finish and then move onto the other characters. Awesome! hope you enjoy!



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stephen the Levite's EP: The Forerunner

Since their already posting the image up for preorder, i figure i can do the same. I recently did some illustrations for Lampmode Record's Stephen the Levite's new EP: The Forerunner. ( can click the link if you wanna purchase a copy.

They wanted a Boondocks'y look to the character. The official description was have Darrel aka. Stephen the Levit, be a modern day John the Baptist reincarnate in comtemporary North Philly, make sure he has a whistle, crowd around him of all walks of life. And a few other details... Wallabies... Did everything to the T.

I added text to it as well, but they didn't like it so, they added their own, which is alright with me, still got paid either way.

Overall, i'm happy with how things turned out, The EP is coming out later this month. And i wish they'd send me a copy already so i can shoot product photos!!!

sidenote - product photos are kind of awesome.