Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Kraken's Daughter

Its poring outside, my basement is flooding and its suppose to get worst tonight... So i hurried up and finished this as fast as i could to post if the power decides to go out and my computer crashes or something. I dunno... Anyways, i present to you Asha Greyjoy.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Qhorin Halfhand

How i pictured Qhorin Halfhand. Not really... I kinda pictured him with a Bomber Hat and a thick beard... But i as i was finishing up, i read a description of him just to make sure and turns out he had a shaven face and a grey ponytail. I must have missed that part. Oh well, hope you guys like!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Viserys Douche bag

This is a bit vulgar, but i thought it was hilarious when i thought it up at 2am, half fallen asleep. Hope you guys dig it. lol

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Red Viper

Continuing the SOIAF series, this is Oberyn Martell aka The Red Viper. Had a blast drawing him. A lot of people pictured him with facial hair of some sort, but i always saw him as clean shaven. I hope to one day depict the fight between him and the Mountain, hopefully. Look forward to the next character. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Where's the Routine?

Here are pieces i did of characters from a book series i've been highly obsessing over for the past 2/3 months. The book series is called, A Song of Ice and Fire. I was turned onto this from the tv adaptation that HBO put out of the first book, translated into the first season, called Game of Thrones. It's an amazingly well put together series, with amazing acting, costume design, set design, etc. EVERYTHING is awesome on the show. Its a loyal translation from an amazing book series. I'm probably going to draw more characters from the series in the future. Moving on. Its officially been a year since i started working at AMI Entertainment Network. I've learned so much about the industry, and i've learned so much about myself as well. Most of those lessons consists mostly with the same realization... I know nothing. lol

Seems to me that compared to my fellow workers, i'm a novice at life... And i must admit, my mother sheltered the hell out of my and my siblings... And it almost seems like an injustice, but ultimately, i guess its it depends on the point of view. I learned a lot this year that could have been learned 6-7 years ago. But, I feel wiser for it, but in my laughable wisdom, i know its folly to call myself wise at all.

Life lesson or career lesson, i'm taking this year with me to be one of the pillars for the journey ahead. I don't want to be all talk though, career wise, all the projects me and the team has worked on for the past year will be COMING OUT SOON! And i cannot wait for everyone and their grand mom to see what we've done. It's truely an exciting time ahead!