Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

Z is for Zombie: Characters

I finally got a composition of the characters to be in my work in progress comic. Took me this long to make this. wow. this project is going to be a life long pursuit. lol

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Breakfast of Booze - Epic Meal Time

Eventually, i'm going to have my website URL, direct you to my blog. I've given up on learning website design. So much coding... I think its easier just to keep everything on my blog. As soon as i learn how to set up a gallery on the illustration,3d and freelance pages. i'll be good to go.

it is sad, i don't have anything to post, artwise anyways. Its real difficult to work on your own projects specially when 8 hours of your life is put into other peoples work, everyday.

But i do enjoy my job. I love it. My escape from reality. I look forward to it every weekend. Odd yea? ha. Indeed. But i love it.

Found this amazing dude on youtube and his channel called, EpicMealTime. I think the breakfast video is freaken awesome. Definitely want to try this meal sometime in the future.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Z is for Zombie

So i've decided what my next major project is, this one might take a long long time. I need to be patient with it and not rush showing off any new material for it, until i have a large majority of the project done.

But i will tell you what it is. I've been really inspired by the wave of Zombie material coming out recently. Specially with the new Walking Dead series thats based off the comics. I decided to make my own Zombie graphic novel, but a comedic one. Ones that can be serious, but most of the time, its just silly and fun.

I do have a outline of the story, just need to fill int he details, tons. And i even started developing the characters as you can see. So, in the upcoming months, i'm probably gonna post more concept work from it, but not give away the story. So this should be fun. Hopefully, i can actually finish it. lol