Saturday, April 10, 2010

This was suppose to be a sketch

I was messing around with a sketch this this female character, and it just kinda took off. Not completely however because the linework is pretty crappy, but good enough that i thought i'd throw some color on there. hope ye dig.

Lindsey Olivares is a dope artist

I was shuffling through the blogs i follow and i saw this, and i know easter was a few weeks back, but this is awesome!!!! Praise Jesus. Check out her blog here Lindsey Olivares

Friday, April 2, 2010

I wish i had some art to show

Its been weeks and i dont have work to show on my blog. I've been slaving over these 3d buildings for Navteq every single day of every waking minute of my life... I hate it so bad... Due date is tuesday and i dont think ill get done in time... But i need a break regardless. My heads going to explodes...

Thats why the strip hasn't been cranking out either. Just no time... Plus, i don't have any ideas. Seriously, if i were to make a strip right now, it would be of my character sitting in front of a computer, modeling 3d buildings... Its horrible, this i know.

Plus i'm still waiting to hear back from Gnomon... My Anxiousness is like no other. I can barely take it.

This is my blog. Good night.