From the Concert to the Classroom to the Corner

Crazy. Today Epiphany Fellowship held a block part called CCC, from the concert to the classroom to the corner. the shut down the entire block of 17th and diamond st. and put up a basket ball court, food section, and a stage for performers. Fried fish was good, water ice was good, performers was off the chain, JESUS WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! LITERALLY!!! Totally encamped that block, flowing through the crowd, receiving the praise and the angels where jamming with us the entire time. haha Im not ussually into the whole Christian rap scene, but today really opened my eyes to people who really desire to glorify God and Christ in their music. I listen a bit to Da Truth and Trip Lee, but dude, Lecrae came up on stage and demolished all my expectations of what a what and how a Christian rapper can glorify the most high. I gotta cop his album. Crazy stuff. Hopefully i'll get some pictures up soon. word!


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