The Red Viper

Continuing the SOIAF series, this is Oberyn Martell aka The Red Viper. Had a blast drawing him. A lot of people pictured him with facial hair of some sort, but i always saw him as clean shaven. I hope to one day depict the fight between him and the Mountain, hopefully. Look forward to the next character. Hope you enjoy!


Danny Mak said…
OMG! THANKS DUDE! HUGE FAN OF YORU ASOIAF work! as you can tell, cause i comment on like all of them on facebook! lol. appreciate it man!
Benedictus said…
Just started reading the battle with The Mountain and had to stop to see folks artwork. This is wonderful!
Danny Mak said…
thanks so much man!! when you read it, pretend like Oberyn has the same spear fighting style as Achilies from the movie, Troy!!

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