China Man

I decided to finish the one i posted from my recent post. It was my grandmothers birthday today and we went out to a restaurant in Chinatown. None of my cousins came. It was just my family, my other grandparents, and 3 cousins... I have a large family. Around 20 plus cousins.

it was ridiculously sad that none of them came. Maybe the word didn't get out to them, but then again maybe it was internal conflict. It just seems like the more i find out about my family, the more drama there is to our history. Thats not to say that other peoples families don't have problems, it just seems like while your in it, its a bigger deal than your friends fam's issues. Know what i mean? I don't think my generation has as many flaws to our characters than the generation before us.

I honestly believe that my brothers and sister and cousins can rise to the occasion and be a better peoples for my family's name.

This portrait is of a chinese man, i found a picture of. I don't know the guy, and while painting it, i didn't specifically have a meaning behind it. But as i finished i couldn't help but think of the my uncles and aunts and my mom and dad... And how it seems like their good intentions for my generation still doesn't proceed their ambitions to hold onto a lifestyle that has never worked.

This portrait is for them. Its for the older generation. PS: on second that... i think i want to continue this painting until the details are more defined. lol


Carlton Mackey said…
this is great work man...and the multi levels of expression found in it are profound.

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