some fun

just messing around. had fun doing these.


Anonymous said…
Why are you completely stealing other artist style?
It would be one thing is you give them credit and get inspired by their work, but no you just fucking steal it and act like its your own. Do you not think people can see the inconsistencies in your work? How can somethings look really good and other things look like total shit. Hmmm... could it be you just steal other artists style and design sense. It doesn't really matter if you take this post down because deep down you know what work you stole and which artist your imitating. It's sad that you need to rip off other artist in order to put up a front like your any good. And if you are in total denial and think the works you create are completely original,you are fucking crazy. You should be ashamed. Stealing art is for kids and the untalented ... which are you?

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