Dumbfoundead Spin Kicks another rapper!!!

I dont write much on here, but one thing i will say is. HOT DAMN! I've been following this asian rapper named Dumbfoundead for awhile now. He's probably one of the best battle rappers out there right now. And if you haven't heard of him, then you obviously don't listen to underground rap battles. Grindtime baby!!!

Anyways, Dumb was battling this one random dude today, and maybe Dumb initiated the conflict by getting too close to the guys face, but the dude pusehd him. And then Dumb opened up a CAN! and Tornado Spin Kicked the dude int he face!!!

OMG!! i love this man. I really don't think this is fake. The things he's saying on his twitter about the incident seem legit and i don't know why any respectful rapper would go out and make something that was fake to promote himself. If this was fake it would only discredit him as an artist. I'm so bent on this being real becuase it so freaken awesome!


Elodie said…
SNAP lol
Anonymous said…
"If this was fake it would only discredit him as an artist."

Consider him discredited.

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