Naruto Wallpaper

so the past month i've been slaving over this wallpaper. I'm a huge Naruto fan... what can i say, and i came across this wallpaper that really inspired me to do my own rendition of it. Basically all the characters all grown up. I go in depth about the character designs in my deviantart. So i'm not really gonna get into that, but i really love how it turned out.


Carlton Mackey said…
first of all you are a beast.

i LOVE your work.

i'm a photographer (and some other stuff) from Atlanta and you have a new fan.

I'd be very interested in collaborating with you on something.

Check me out on my two blogs, let me know what you think, and if you too would be down to do something together. the very least, i'd love to highlight your work on my visionphilms blog

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