The Deity of 2 Swords

I saw a posting on for ALLODS Team seeking a Freelance Character Concept artist. Their art test was to digitally paint probably 1 dress onto the 3d render of the woman they gave me. However, I ended up doing all 6. I enjoyed the challenge. The only 1 I'm dissatisfied with is the 1st black dress on the 2nd row. It was hard to replicate the beads or whatever is shimmering on the dress... Hopefully i hear from them.

Anywho, during my week of applying for jobs, I realized something. After working at a casual gaming company with a small art department, I knew they required us to do a lot there. I did everything from 3D/2D/Animation/HUD/Illustrations/Texturing/Particle Effects/Rigging/etc. Whatever needed to be done, I did it if I could. In that environment it was good to know all those skills. The problem lies in applying for studios that require expertise in specific areas. In my latest Demo Reel I compiled most of the work I've done into what I think is a really great generalist reel. The problem is, most positions are calling for either 3D or 2D. I can't be both.

I feel like I have to choose between the 2. 2D or 3D, that is the question. I love both so much but until i can settle on 1, I don't feel like i can excel to my potential in either...

Either way, I have to start somewhere and this month isn't over yet. My search continues. Job hunting is fun and  disappointing at the same time. Fun in that I'm coming across all these awesome companies and sometimes I apply to them, but most times there's no positions open.

I'm not losing hope. This is going to be the epic year of happenings and it all starts this week.


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