trip to NYC/Brooklyn Art Museum

In no particular order, i've posted these photos from a recent trip to New York/ the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Me and Collie took this awesome trip and we saw some awesome stuff, these are the one that really struck my eye. In these set of photos you'll see works from the Art of Africa, Art of Asia and Abdi Ferrah Exhibit. Also some random photos of the trip. Whatevs. lol

I was clearly enjoying the mess out of the Art of Africa, that stuff was so amazing. I honestly never knew... For real for real... Some of the stuff is was kinda freaky, but ultimately, it was amazing to see.

I loved the experience, the PMA is great, but sometimes you just gotta check out some new things. Anyways, hope ya digs these pieces of art and i encourage you guys to go check out the Brooklyn Museum of Art also. You won't regret it.

New York is so massive. Gotta go there again.

This was the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Musuem, I took 3 pictures of the thing and tried to peice them together so you guys can see the entire thing. It was really awesome.


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