i worked with a colorful array of people. And one of them is this awesome guy named Naveen. Racial jokes are fun. lol. especially when they welcomed by the person your making fun of. We all joke around at work, all the minorities anyways. The Whites can't say anything... Because thats racist and i will report that... Real talk... Lol, jk. (unless its real... can usually tell when one is joking...)

Anyways, i was going to draw all the programmers at my job in world of Warcraft attire, and i sketched that bit out, but realized how long and tedious that process would take just by working on Naveens character, alone. I finally got around to completing it.

So i hope you enjoy. Its Naveen is persian attire on a magic flying carpet, on the sea floor.

this is actually a super big file too, i guess i was trying to make it into a wallpaper. Anyways. PZZZZZZZZzz


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