Excess product and Gease.

Every other week i take my mom to the supermarket to buy groceries and i understand the concept of a supermarket where people go to purchase food for their families and such using money that they've earned during the week...

but something just bothers me about this image. I'm not gonna go into detail about world hunger and whatnot, but this is just kind of... yea.

on a lighter note, on friday, a lot of people called out earlier to have a 4 day weekend. However, the ones that did stay, got some work done and were awesomely surprised by these gease in our parking lot.

it was so weird, they just kind of showed up and stood there as if they were waiting for something? What? No idea. Anyways, Natalya, a graphic designer at my job, decided to go out and feed them some bread and stuff. I got a few pics. that was pretty awesome.



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