Back in Philly

I'm on my 2 week break from Gnomon. Back in Philly and It's good to not have to worry about school, cooking, doing laundry, the L.A. sun beating down on me. The list goes on. While I enjoy myself with seeing friends and family,  I thought I'd update my much neglected blog with some of my finals that I've worked on in the past year at school. Most of these projects are from fundamental classes and intro classes. I can't wait  to start posting things from my actual track 3D Modeling and Texturing, that starts on my third term.
This was my Final for my Intro the Maya class with max Dayan.
I wish I had more time and more knowledge of texturing and shading when I was doing this.
It would have made a huge difference looking back. I might come back to this piece in the future.

This was for my Texturing and Shading 1 class with Stephen McClure.
I didn't model anything in the scene, nor is the image of the backyard created by my. But
the lighting and textures were all done by me. I like how it turned out, however I know I
need to work on my Lighting and Texturing skills.

This is my final from my Texturing and Shading 2 class with Eric Miller. Overal I'm satisfied with this.
There are a few things that can be added and reworked to make the piece really pops.

This is my final for Hard Surface Modeling 1 with David Mooey. Ultimately I love how it turned out. even though I probably bit more than I could chew. I'll probably fine tune it a bit in photoshop before I submitt it
to Best of Term.

This is my final for my Character Sculpture 1 class with John Brown. What an amazing class. I've learned so much about the human form and John is one of the best teachers I've ever had. Ha.
If you ever get a chance to take his class. Please do and or get his DVDs. This class was probably
the most time consuming class of my last term and not until this sculpture was 95 percent done did I even get a chance to start working on my other finals. I probably spent over 100 hours on this sculpt and I don't regret any second of it. I've posted a few more shots of it all around. John will be giving me professional photos of it soon. Hope to post those when I get them.

I have a itch. The only way scratch it is to go back to school. But I still have a week and a half to go. While I'm here I've started working on some cool illustrations that I hope to post in the upcoming days.


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