I don't have Illusions of Grandeur. I'd just rather not have what you have.

You know they tell kids in elementary school that life is so much more than just getting a good job, although it helps. Its so much more than material things, although it would be nice... But that happiness can't be found in such worldly materialistic selfishness that clouds our minds and smothers our hearts with temporary fixes of fraudulent joy that'll pass away in 2 months when the next fad or the upgrade comes out...

somewhere down the line, people bought into that lie just because fighting for a state of mind is harder than settling for temporary spikes of emotion from material items.

Look Deeper. And when you want to give up cause you can't see anything but the filth of life... Look even deeper.

Water can't flow properly from a faucet if there's gunk in the way. I guess we just like dirty water if that means we don't have to take apart the faucet, clean it and put it back together again.


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