If i Struggle

If i struggle... If i screw up today... Once... twice.... If i do all these things that jack up my life... Its only because im trying to learn... trying to be better then i was. I don't consider myself the type of person who lives in the moment. My mindset is in the future. My hopes and my dreams are stored in the person that i've yet to become.

The Man who loves God with all His heart, body, mind and spirit and gives glory and honor to Him, daily. The Man who loves and cherishes his Wife to no end. The Man who loves his children and won't ever bail on them but will guide them in their growth into young adulthood, pooring out confidence and encouagement for whatever they wanna do in with their lives. The Man who has a career and pays the bills and not only takes care of his family, but uses his salary to help those in need...

So if i mess up today... My fault... I'll try my best to do better tomorrow... Don't consider me right now. Its not who i am.


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