Chinatown Grime

I went on a little journey today, for my class, but mainly for myself. I didn't plan on getting deep about this trip, it just kinda happened just now. This quarter, our project is to model 2 seperate scenes, and somehow have a middle section where the 2 melt together and turn into the other. Like transformers. haha... not really. Anyways, i decided to do the first scene on good ol Chinatown.

I was inspired by this photo of a back alley of a gritty chinatown. Oil, slime and cluttered with pipes and trash cans, junk. It was great. Thats just how we chinese do. You know? I went to chinatown and low adn behold, all over the place, i found this dream of grittiness. Is that a metaphore for how asians live? Is that a metaphore for how things really are...

We all see the Chinatown entrance, big and grand. Lovely to behold, but the streets are greesy with the oils that spill from the restuarants and the dishes that they serve. Tourist snapping photos while illegals cary cargo in and out of stores. Air vents, pipes, more air vents and pipes, chipping paint with rotting trash cover the back alleys of the most prestige restuarants. trust me, none of them are 5 stars. You may think that the tables, dishs look nice and the food is set up in a way where even the most divine of emporers will smile if they saw the food. But you've never seen the kitchens in which that wonderful food is made. haha. You wouldn't want to. Trust me.

People look lavish on the outside to cover the grime on the inside.

I don't know what the second scene is going to be.


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