I'm Still Alive!

I haven't posted in some time and I'm excited to share with you the work I've been doing at Gnomon School since my last entry. Personally I feel like I've learned so much and grown tremendously as an artist a with the past few terms. I'm currently in Demo Reel class and I'e already made WIP pieces that I'm extremely proud of. The class's structure is we need to produce a finished piece every 2 weeks. To break it down. the first week is essentially Modeling and the second week is unwrapping, texturing, shading and rendering. Luckily, we have a second Demo Reel class to tidy up work from the previous. So I can definitely add the extra 10 percent to these pieces next term.

The first piece I did was from a concept by JH Stone. Rendered in Mental Ray.
This Joan of Arc piece was a concept from Michael C. Hayes. Rendered in VRay

This character was created for my Character for games class. Definitely in love with the aspect of the industry now and I think that's where i'd like to work when I graduate. Marmoset is such awesome program. I'm hoping to cranked out some badass game characters for my reel later on. Concept by Karl Kopinski.

This creature was for my Creature Design class. Made is Zbrush, comp'd in Photoshop. I also won Best of term was this and was featured on the Gnomon website. :P

These sculpts are from my Anatomy for Zbrush Class. Batman was my final. I've learned so much about anatomy in this class. Definitely take the course at Gnomon if you already know Zbrush and want to sharpen your understanding of anatomy. All the sculpts where done in a week and from scratch, meaning a sphere.

This was done for my VRay class using the robot I modeled from Hardsurface 2 class and the room from ym Intro to Maya class.


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