Sci-Fi Soldier pt2.

This took me forever. I'm not particularly fond of sci-fi design but this is going to be a great exercise when it's all said and done. I need to choose one of these and then make a few variations of it and then pick one and finalize it. Not completely sold that some of these can be sci-fi soldiers at all. Lol. Hrrrm.... Lets see.


A. E. Oglesby said…
From prosthetic covers to future costumes,giant star ships to alien worlds,the universe of science fiction movies offers an interesting chance to the designer to make something new and incredible.The sky's no more the limit: the endless landscapes of time and space offered by fiction's final frontier mean creatives can truly let their creative ability run wild.Furthermore,in doing as such,they've made some life-changing outlines with popular appeal a long ways past the hardcore science fiction niche.

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