Adele has been rocking me lately. She has such a soulful voice and even if i can't relate, i feel like her voice hits certain chords deep down. Yes, deep down. Noises that hit primal chords in the heart. whatever that means.

This video is super dope too. Might do a illustration of her next.

PS: Althouh this video doesn't have crazy special effects, it magic in the extremely simple but effective the visuals are in conveying the drama int eh lyrics. A broken home, in every room, there's a different story just because of the placements of certain objects. I'm not even talking about the obvious, but the chairs with the sheets over there. So genius.

The woman dancing with the stick in the powder is so memorizing. The room full of half empty glasses of water, thumping to the beat. The stairway where there s huge pile of plates and cups on the ground and peices still being thrown down the stairs. Such amazing imagery. I can't get enough. Or even the fast that Adele is sitting in a chair the entire video. Speaks volumes.

Personally, i don't think music videos, or movies in general need computer special effects to convey strong imagery. This video exceeds.


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