i be Woe Working

to be honest, i have nothing show in the time since my last post. lol. Because i be working.

I've actually fallen madly in love with my job. the work, the people, the building itself and its many quirks. i feel very blessed. I'm financially stable in an unstable economy right now. although the job market is getting better. Hope my fellow artist find jobs soon.

I posted 2 pictures of my desk and a marker board that we jot down ideas on, on facebook and thought i'd just relay that onto here. Its really not impressive to look at, thats only cause i havent decorated anything yet. And the panda sketches were just for fun.

I assure you, i have been doing a crapload of artwork since i started there last month. Its a damn shame i can't show any of it to you guys until March. lol, by which i'll have a more tremendous amount of work to show.


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