first entry

so this is the first blog i'm writing. Nothing much going on just trying to make the layout look more cool... Well... I guess this is it. Hello blogspot and the rest of the world. this is Danny. Till next time when something seriousl is on my mind. pzzzzzzzzzz


crimson mercy said…
your blog is funny. your first entry sounds almost the same as mine. "Hello world". ha ha I just got a blog too. How'd you put that pic behind your title? just wondering-erin
crimson mercy said…
Hey Dmak its me again. I just wanted to tell you thanks for commenting! You are the first person to comment on my blog. :) sorry it prolly didn't show up rite away I forgot I had the moderate comments On. I just wanted to know when someone commented. Also thanx for the tip about your title. I think I'll understand it more after I read it again. haha. Its encouraging to find another christian out there. haha Thanx for being encouraging(wow I said thanx alot oops) In Him, Erin

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